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2003 Hurricane That Hit Outer Banks North Carolina

Protruding out into the Atlantic Ocean, the coast of North Carolina is a popular destination for tropical storms, nor’easters and yes, the occasional hurricane to collide with. In September of 2003, Hurricane Isabel formed from a tropical wave in the Atlantic. The storm would travel over a thousand miles to smash into the Outer Banks,......
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The Hero of Pea Island Lifesaving Station

The Pea Island Life Saving Station is traditionally vital associate degrees distinctive because it was the sole saving station within the United States to be manned by an all-black crew. In the direction of Keeper Richard Etheridge, the staff was employed from native black men within the community and were skilled to be enthusiastic and reliable water men within the service of saving. the lads of Pea Island ne’er received any awards for rescues despite what number lives they saved. It wasn’t till 1996, a hundred years once the gallant rescue of......
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Oregon Inlet NC History

If you happen to be coming to the Ocracoke Islands or the Hatteras from the northern side, you will come through the Oregon Inlet. Oregon Inlet separates the smaller islands of the southern side of Outer Banks from the Bodie Islands and the northern side of Outer Banks namely Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Manteo......
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  • Kitty Hawk North Carolina Beach Outer Banks

Facts About Kitty Hawk NC and How Kitty Hawk Got Its Name

Kitty Hawk might have rose to nationwide prominence with the advent of the Wright Brothers, however the state was home to salty locals for hundreds of years before the Wrights took flight. From the long nowhere to be found soundside group of people in Kitty Hawk Woods to the momentous rescue station that defended the outline, Kitty Hawk has many stories to share. The origin of......
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  • Ocracoke Island Lighthouse Outer Banks North Carolina

How Did Ocracoke Island Get Its Name?

Just south of Hatteras is an area known as Ocracoke Island, a landmass that is so remote that you have to take a ferry to access it. If you ever wondered where the name of the island came from, you are not alone. We got curious and did a little bit of research to find......
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Why Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Was Moved

f you plan on moving something that was constructed in 1870, is 200-feet-tall, and weighs more than 4,400 tons, then you had better have a good reason for doing so. In June of 1999, a team of workers completed a historic engineering feat. The iconic black and white striped Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was moved some 2,900......
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